My cynical side has some questions

Because, perhaps due to the Tea Party’s influence, it has again become fashionable among Republican politicians to disapprove of taxes and government spending, and to advocate decreases in each.

Because my cynical side thinks they’re just kissing ass mouthing pieties and if they regain power they won’t actually make much of an effort, other than the token sort.

Because when it comes to politics in 21st century America, there’s no such thing as “too cynical.”

And because my non-cynical side (yes, I still have one) rather likes this Paul Ryan fellow.  The cut of his jib, and all that.  I lived in his district until just recently and he may be one of those politicians with “ideals” and “convictions” and whatever.  He certainly hasn’t been just another go-along-to-get-along type in the House.  And he’s the brainy type.

So here are my questions:

1) Does picking Ryan as his running mate mean that Romney is serious about cutting spending and getting the budget under control?  And that he’ll really make those hard decisions once he’s in office?  Not so sure.

2) Ryan is currently the chairman of the House budget committee.  Is he going to be a more effective fiscal hawk as vice president?  Not so sure.

3) Most importantly, am I the only one who sees this,and thinks of this?

Eddie MunsterHerman







I can’t be the only one.  I’m sure.

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