At the sound of the beep, the time will be 11:42 AM, November 11th, 2011‏

A little more than half an hour ago it was 11:11:11 on 11-11-11.  And you really wanted to be looking at the clock at that moment because it would be cool to see that.  By some peoples’ definition of ‘cool,’ anyway.  And you were going to make sure to draw everybody else’s attention to it and make a joke about it being 4095, or 63 on 63, or something even more clever (and okay, you hadn’t exactly come up with a good line yet but you just knew that you’d think of something really funny when the moment came).  And you went to work thinking about it, and you put a little note on your wall to remind yourself, and you even wrote some 1s on the back of your hand to make absolutely sure you wouldn’t forget.  But the phone started ringing, and the guy in the next cubicle wanted to tell you about his fishing trip or whatever, and your manager came around again to bitch about the TPS reports and then Rachel from accounting walked by and it was just one thing after another until it just plain slipped your mind.  So you missed it.  You BLEW it.  And now you won’t get another chance for a hundred years, dammit DAMMIT DAMMIT!!!


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