Obscure Reference Alert*

Football games on TV are interrupted by commercials on a regular basis.  Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of them for a new movie called ‘Tower Heist’.

“Tower Heist” stars Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy.  To judge from the commercials (because research? bah) Stiller is a hotel worker who decides to rob a rich guy who stiffed him and his co-workers on a deal of some kind, and Murphy is an ex-con he recruits to help with the job.

It has been years and years since I went to an actual movie theater to sit through an actual full-length movie.  I can’t even remember the last one that didn’t have the words ‘star’ and ‘wars’ in the title.  But I’ll tell you what: I will make a point of going to see “Tower Heist” IF….

IF Eddie Murphy’s character is named Reggie Hammond.  That would be awesome.

Otherwise, forget it.

*Obscure Reference Alert is a term I’m familiar with from this blog, where I am a frequent visitor and commenter.  It’s fun.  As for this particular ORA, figure it out.  You have internet access, right?
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1 Response to Obscure Reference Alert*

  1. Lance Burri says:

    Actually that’s known as a “vague movie reference.”

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