I am generally disdainful of bumper stickers

I don’t care how much you love your golden retriever, or that your other car is a flying saucer, or how many friggin’ stick figures there are in your family.  And as for political messages, does that ‘coexist’ sticker really reflect your beliefs, or do your beliefs reflect the sticker? If you can articulate your philosophy in six to eight words plus a cute logo, you need to grow up. And if it takes more words than that and you still try to put it on your bumper, only you can read it.  You know that, right?  Bumper stickers are stupid.

Until today.  Today I saw a bumper sticker I can get behind.

Well technically, I was behind it.  Traffic, y’know.

You probably have to be a Wisconsin sports fan to really get this.

Also, I hear it comes in a t-shirt.

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