So when does the real college football start?

The Wisconsin Badgers rolled through their non-conference schedule.  As usual.  And after seeing them smoke UNLV 51-17,  Oregon State 35-0, Northern Illinois 49-7, and South Dakota 59-10, I (as usual) began to grouse about it.  It’s fine to get some small-time school to come in and trade a payday for a pasting so the Badgers can have a tune-up, but I want to see the team get tested before they start in on the Big Ten games.  I want to see them win a little more respect by facing serious competition.  I want a non-conference game that’s fun to watch.

I didn’t get that this year.  But the Badgers did get to start the Big Ten season by being the first to welcome Nebraska to the conference.  Now that’s exciting!  Nebraska’s Big Ten debut.  Two top-ten teams.  In Camp Randall.  That’ll be fun!!

And then the Badgers smacked the Sooners Cornhuskers around like they were the chess club from Our Lady of Perpetual Groin Pulls U.

And my first thought was, this is a top ten team?  And my second thought was, welcome to the Big Ten, losers Sooners Huskers*!

And then there were some thoughts that were unrelated to football. And then

I realized that I’ve been all wrong about this.  Those games where they averaged a 40 point margin of victory?  Those weren’t just cheap wins, they were blowout practice!  

Man. Barry Alvarez is a genius.

*Sooners, Huskers, whatever.  Hey, at 48-17 I don’t have to know your name!
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