Green Bay 30, Carolina 23

A few thoughts:

Cam Newton looked more and more like a rookie as the game went on.

Excluding the final drive (which occurred in kill-the-clock garbage time anyway), Newton threw for 355 yards and the Panthers rushed for 65.  420 yards total is a pretty impressive number for an offense.  Not so impressive for Green Bay’s defense though.  Except… after racking up all those yards the Panthers could only manage one touchdown and 3 field goals.  So maybe it wasn’t such bad defense after all.

Nick Collins: get well soon.

Tramon Williams, Mike Neal, Frank Zombo, Vic So’oto: you too.  Hurry up.

By the way, Vic, how does one pronounce an apostrophe?  Is that a glottal stop?

Donald Driver: With 9665 receiving yards, DD finally holds the Packers’ team record for receiving yards.  It’ll go well with his team record for receptions (647).

I still wish they’d throw to him more.

Finally, the Packers are 2-0, and it’s a good thing too.  We have to keep up with Detroit!

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