So the Trog decides to pick some bloggers he wants to see moderate a GOP debate

He got the idea from some guy on the “internet”.

He had a few of his six slots filled.  (Why six?  Why not?)  And he emailed me at work to ask me to join in.

I didn’t answer right away.  Those of us who work in the private sector can’t always drop everything to consider hypothetical political questions.  But I jotted the odd note throughout the day as ideas came to me, and after quitting time (I swear) I sent him those ideas.  I didn’t know if he wanted one, or several, so I sent them all and said ‘take your pick’.

Just before I sent, I realized I’d left someone out.  I didn’t have a question for everybody, but I at least mentioned everybody, except one guy.  I left out Huntsman.  Despite my appraisal of his chances I figured I should at least include him.  And I didn’t want to just jam in his name somewhere like I did with Santorum, so I had to come up with another question.  So I did.  It was a quickly chosen, cheap, throwaway one-liner type of joke:

“Mr. Huntsman: given the extent to which China holds American debt, do you think your campaign would be more effective if you conducted it entirely in Mandarin?”  [Note: Huntsman learned to speak Chinese as a missionary in Taiwan and until recently was America’s ambassador to China.]

And sure enough, that’s the one Trog used.

I didn’t think he would use that one.  Glad he liked it, but there were a couple others I thought were better.  So without further whatever, here are the rest for your perusal.  Some are meant seriously.  Others are less so.  See if you can tell the difference.

“Gov. Perry: once and for all, are issues like abortion and gay marriage the business of the federal government, or are they solely a matter for the various States?”

“Dr. Paul: you’ve expressed support for eliminating immigration controls and for ending drug prohibition.  What do you envision as a timeline for each, and how will you protect American citizens from border violence until those policies can be fully implemented?”
[Followup: do you see that silver armadillo in the corner?  The one with the big hat?  Just me?]

“Gov. Johnson: Where the f*%$$ have you been?”

“Ms. Bachmann/Mr. Cain/Governor Pawlenty: Following the Iowa straw poll, the media has virtually crowned Ms. Bachmann, Governor Perry and Governor Romney as the front runners.  Mr. Cain and Senator Santorum have all but disappeared from news coverage, and Governor Pawlenty wussed out dropped out of the race entirely.  Do you think that an event in which only 17,000 Americans took part should have such a disproportionate effect on your party’s nomination process?  If so, why; and if not what would you do to change it?”

And one more question for the entire field:

“Show of hands: assuming she was willing, and you knew no one would ever find out, would you do Sarah Palin?”

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