So the Wisconsin Senate passed a concealed-carry law, and about damn time.  The Assembly still has to vote on the bill, but if you ask the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel (see linked article) it’s a done deal.

In order to get a CC permit, you have to complete some sort of gun-safety training.  Apparently there are several options there.  Here’s my question: do you have to actually own a gun in order to get a permit?  Do they supply guns at the training courses?  Can you borrow one from a friend?  Because I want my permit.  I’ll worry about the gun later.

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2 Responses to Bang

  1. Steve Burri says:

    Your military training may exempt you from the training gig. I’m looking to obtain a copy of my DD 214 now.

  2. Lance Burri says:

    You also will need some kind of proof that you underwent the training. Not sure if documentation of qualification will count, it’ll be up to DOJ. But no, you don’t need a gun to get a permit.

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