Remember Gilbert Brown?

Pictured: Gilbert Brown

Mr. Brown is best known for his close proximity to Reggie White during Super Bowl XXXI (Green Bay 35, Losers 21), and for his trademark post-tackle gravedigger dance, which he is performing above.

Mr. Brown retired from football in 2003, after a very successful career.  Today, he misses football and aspires to become a head coach in college.  He realizes, of course, that despite his previous experience as a player he still has to put in his time and pay some dues in the coaching world.  So he’s paying those dues the hard way: in the Lingerie Football League.

That’s right, Mr. Brown will be the head coach for the inaugural (apparently) season of the Green Bay Chill, which according to their website has yet to recruit players and will nevertheless start their first season in August of this year.

I presume that Mr. Brown will not be wearing the same gear as the players.

IN THE COMMENTS: Grandpa Steve links to some new information, but I advise everyone to pretend he didn’t.

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One Response to Remember Gilbert Brown?

  1. Steve Burri says:

    Got some more info on Gilbert’s career choice.

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