Random thoughts about tonight’s Republican debate

Contrary to VodkaPundit’s supposition, somebody else did watch.  And it was OK.  So here are my immediate impressions of this cycle’s first salvo:

0- What, already?

1- Everybody had good command of the issues, with a couple minor hiccups.

2- I wish Mitch Daniels would throw down already.

3- Herman Cain is what Trump could be if Trump was serious, which Trump isn’t.

4- Rick Santorum looks way too much like Steven Colbert for my comfort.  Mark my words, if he’s the nominee we’re gonna see Colbert on SNL.

5- Also, Santorum misquoted Bush as saying ‘you are either with us or you’re against us.’ And I’m gonna pick on him for that a little bit.
That’s not what GeeDub said.  He said ‘you’re either with us or you’re with the terrorists.’  Big difference.  The way Santorum says it implies that a deliberate effort to aid us is required.   The actual quote means that all one has to do is not support terrorists in order to be on our side.  Do nothing, and you’ll be all right.  Do something, and it better be the right thing.  Something like that.

GeeDub’s detractors made great hay out of the same interpretation, that failing to  support the administration amounted to support of terrorism.  Don’t do that.

The context was the apparent support of OBL by the Pakistani government, which ‘ahem’ “didn’t know” that he was living in their backyard ‘ahem’.

I am not a candidate for president, but it’s clear to me that when it comes to the Paki government the left hand and the right hand aren’t being all that honest with one another.  They may be an ally on paper, but there are elements that aren’t toeing the party line, if you know what I mean.

If I were in charge, fresh off the OBL kill, I’d back-channel a message to the Paks that they just aren’t reliable allies any more, if they ever were.  And if we get actionable intel that leads into their territory, we’re taking advantage of it.  And there’s nothing they can do about it, so shut up.

6- Ron Paul with the best line of the night (quoted from memory, therefore paraphrased), lampooning the tendency of both sides of the ideological chasm to demand government solutions to perceived problems: “I don’t want to use heroin!  So I need a law against using heroin!”  Heh.

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