Hey look, crazy people

So the Supreme Court has ruled that the Westboro Baptist Church can continue “demonstrating” at the funerals of people they don’t know. I’m sorry to say, I have to agree with the ruling. The whole point of the First Amendment is protecting speech we find disagreeable or offensive.

Still, you’d think there would be some way to convince them to knock it off. After all they’ve pretty much held up in the face of near-universal disapproval. Have you ever heard anyone at all try to stick up for them? I haven’t.

So first of all, I assure you if I’m ever attending a funeral and I see these bozos show up, I’ll wait for the funeral to end and the mourners to disperse, then I’ll mosey on over and the wig-splitting shall commence. Time was, we had the concept of “fighting words” in our culture. If we still had it, Phelps and his ilk might have adjusted their methods by now.

Also, these guys have awfully nice signs, don’t you think? Professionally made, looks like. I wonder who made them. I wonder if there isn’t a privately-owned printer making those signs, that maybe has other clients who would be interested to know about that. Just thinking out loud here, so to speak.

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