Let’s catch up on some football news

1) Six bowl games were played on Saturday, 1-1-11, mostly on ESPN.  Five of those games featured teams from the Big Ten.  Meanwhile AMC was airing a Three Stooges marathon.  Which, after witnessing the Big Ten’s performance, seems kinda redundant, doesn’t it?

Especially if your state rhymes with “fish again”.  Hang those heads, boys.

2) Both the Packers and the Bears are in the NFL playoffs.  This hasn’t happened since the 2001 season when the Packers were 12-4, and the Bears won the division at 13-3 (with two of three losses coming from Green Bay).  It was fun having those games mean something for a change.

That year, the Bears lost to Philly the day before the Packers got their asses handed to them by Kurt Warner’s Rams.  This year…?

Step one: Green Bay beats Philly and Atlanta;

Step two: Chicago beats N’awlins (let’s face it, there’s no way Seattle gets out of the first round);

Step three: the entire western coastline of Lake Michigan detonates.  We won’t have to wait for the Large Hadron Collider to destroy the world.

Where did I put my lootin’ gloves?

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