83 – 20?

Seriously?  Seriously?

Indiana is allegedly a Big 10 (well, 11, soon to be 12) team.  Not a high school team.  Just so we’re clear on that.  And now a few thoughts:

I didn’t see any of it, because I am really, really busy this weekend.  Still, I assume that, by the fourth quarter, the Badgers had already played to the end of the bench and were pulling drunken frat boys out of the stands to play a few snaps.

Punts recorded by the Badgers today: zero.  Is that guy on scholarship?  I hope they made him carry some bags, at least.

Austin Peay: they only gave up 70.   Not looking so bad now, are they?

And now a down note.  From the first link up there: “if the Badgers, Michigan State and Ohio State all win out, the Big Ten representative will be the highest-ranked team in the BCS ratings.  Wisconsin was two spots ahead of the Buckeyes and four over the Spartans going into Saturday’s action.”

This is the kind of bullshit the ‘BCS ratings’ have foisted upon us.  I hate to say it, but Michigan State beat us head-to-head and if both teams finish with one loss (put another way, if Purdue and Penn State fail to man up) then the Spartans are the Big Ten champs and they should represent the conference.  Results on the field should matter more than some arbitrarily chosen ranking system.

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One Response to 83 – 20?

  1. Lance Burri says:

    But Wisconsin beat Ohio St., and Ohio St. and Michigan St. don’t play each other this year. All three teams have one loss. To which team do you give credit for the head-to-head?

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