Why does that name ring a bell?

Oh, that’s right…

“If one person is associated with the mysterious slaying of Washington intern Chandra Levy, it isn’t the man who will soon be tried on charges he murdered her. It’s former California congressman Gary Condit, whose political career imploded after he was romantically linked to the woman and became the No. 1 suspect.  Ingmar Guandique, an illegal immigrant from El Salvador, goes on trial Monday for Levy’s 2001 killing.”

This was the only thing in the news all summer that year.  This and shark attacks.  Remember the shark attacks?  The 9-11-01 attacks pushed it all out of the news.  Way out.  This is the first time I’ve heard about Levy since.  Still have no idea what happened to the sharks.  They just vanished.

Could the sharks have been in the WTC?  Did the Jets get the Sharks?  Is that joke in bad taste, or just bad?

Maybe that’s why it took so long to get around to a trial in the Levy case.  They were all busy prosecuting effeminate gang members under RICO statutes for drug trafficking, illegal weapons, and excessive finger snapping.

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