Nerd dresses funny, feels stupid

That’s the message here.

The setup: many nerds gather in LA to (apparently) break a nerd record.

The irony: If you’re going to dress up as a superhero, make sure your costume is superhero-quality.  The author tore his before the event even started and spent the rest of the day flashing his Little Mermaid boxers.  Hardly super behavior.

The insult: Supposed nerd event was actually a stunt to promote Will Ferrell’s recent animated movie.  No evil was thwarted, no child was inspired, no popcorn was reasonably priced.

The injury: Apparently the Guinness Book of World Records really does recognize the category “Largest Gathering of [people dressed up as] Superheroes.” Is there a category they don’t recognize?  I pine for the days of “fattest twins on motorcycles.”

The conclusion: I would totally rent a suit and go to something like this if I could.  I don’t care how cynical or how commercial it actually is (and it is).  Admit it, so would you.  Nerd chic, baby.

The reality: Mister Pterodactyl is really more of a supervillain name, don’t you think?

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