She doesn’t actually kiss a girl in that video

She just says she did.

Not this video:

That’s Katy Perry (type the name into Youtube Search if you don’t get my post title).

She’s on that bulwark of childhood innocence and font of family values, Sesame Street.  And she’s dancing with a hand puppet named Elmo.

You may remember Elmo from the ‘Tickle-me’ scandal back in the 90s.

Apparently some people felt that the poptart’s dress was a little, er, abbreviated for a children’s show.  Never mind that the song they’re singing is about a guy who’s afraid to commit while in a sexual relationship.  Put a t-shirt on the bitch!

[The content of the video is actually completely innocuous.]


So due to a medium-sized negative reaction, the video will not be shown on Sesame Street’s New Year’s Eve show after all.  Too bad; it’s doomed to World Wide Web obscurity now.

Gratuitous cheesecake

[BTW, Oscar cameo at 1:52-ish.]

UPDATE: Trog beat me to this one, but I have better pictures.

FURTHER UPDATE: I can think of worse ways to learn how to count to two. Good one.

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