Hi, I’m a professional Starcraft player

Starcraft 2 came out recently. There apparently are further installments on the way.
I love Starcraft.  I still play the original game.  Sometimes.  I don’t love it this much, though:
“The Koreans have 12 professional StarCraft teams with top players making fat six-figure salaries. Even the average pro gamer makes more than the average Korean.  Not only do Korean pro gamers rake in the dough, but also national attention. 120,000 people gathered live in a stadium to watch a 2005 StarCraft championship–over 40K more than attended the Super Bowl that year.”

They have pros, teams, tournaments, and training programs to play Starcraft.  They even have recruitment programs for promising young players.  I used to live in Korea.  If only I’d known about this then.

Of course, “They’re measuring their speed in ‘actions-per-minute,’ the number of times in one minute they can move a unit or do something else in the game. In that video, one gamer talks about how at the top levels you need about 300 actions-per-minute. That’s five actions per second.”

That might have impacted my gaming career, kind of like what my 40-yard-dash time did to my NFL prospects.

If only I’d gone to Berkeley: “a new course being offered at UC Berkeley aims to teach students how to enjoy the ‘art of competitive StarCraft’.”

I’m gonna need a lot more hydralisks.

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