This is mostly an excuse to post pics of hot babes

One hot babe, to be exact.  And yes, the title is an old Tuesday Morning Quarterback riff, but that guy’s been going downhill for a while now so I figure it’s up for grabs.

Anyway, recently a female reporter from Mexico, Ines Sainz, was in some kind of kerfuffle in the Jets locker room.  Apparently Ms. Sainz had some balls thrown her way during practice (footballs, that is), so that players could get close to her, and then got some wolf whistles and a little ogling in the locker room.

No ogling

First, there is no ‘she was asking for it’ aspect to this.  Even though she was dressed like this:

Nice belt.

And even though she has some history of acting flirtatously around players.


Professional athletes have lots of things to deal with; they have to act professionally and be aware of their behavior at all times.  That’s why they get the big bucks, right?  The Jets fell short in this case.
Still, are we really to believe that the tight clothes,

the bare midriff,

the pretty face,

have no meaning here?  That it’s just her personal style, that there’s no particular reason she’s the one her organization sends to interview professional football players?

I conclude with this: she didn’t even complain about anything.  The original complaint came from a third party that wasn’t present at the time.

Hey, it’s tough being a hot chick in a macho environment like the NFL.  And it’s tough being a player in a macho environment like the NFL, where there are all these hot chicks running around.

Listen up, NFL players, with all your ‘talent’ and ‘hard work’ and long green ‘money’.  Next time just do what your average blogger* would do: giggle uncontrollably and run away.

The rule 5 experiment continues.

*This does not refer to me.  Just to other bloggers with whom I am certainly not acquainted.

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