Science fails to prove that god does not exist, therefore god exists

That’s the only message I can glean from this Frank Tipler article at PJM.  I’ve tried, but I can make no more sense of it.  Anyone else care to translate?

Tipler’s Wikipedia page says he’s a professor of mathematical physics at Tulane.  You’d think he could do better than this.

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2 Responses to Science fails to prove that god does not exist, therefore god exists

  1. SunSword says:

    Not quite. Rather he says: “God is the Cause of everything, but He Himself has no cause. God is the Uncaused First Cause.” And he asserts that “Hawking proved that all of these causes had a common cause; a common cause that did not itself have a cause” — e.g. Hawking proved there was an uncaused cause; and since God is the uncaused cause, therefore God exists.

    Of course, if you limit your definition of God to being the Uncaused First Cause — then in fact the evidence that God exists (or at least, existed at that time) is on solid ground. But it should be pointed out that in fact neither Christianity nor Judaism limits God to merely being the Uncaused First Cause.

  2. misterpterodactyl says:

    I could have gone into a lot more detail with my criticism, chose not to, but now I have a commenter! Welcome!
    So okay then.

    First, it’s true he says that and asserts that. The argument still has the following form:
    1) 1+1 = 2
    2) ???
    3) god!
    If Hawking proved there was an ‘uncaused cause’ I’d like to know where. At most he reached a point beyond which nothing can be proven because we don’t know any more. Just because we don’t know the cause doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

    Further, even if I concede this ‘uncaused cause’, what else can be asserted about it? Why do you assume it’s the god of the Christians and/or Jews?

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