Oh that’s right…

…it’s Sunday, which means another installment of Rule 5 at The Other McCain.  I meant to put up a shameless attempt at linkwhoring good post for that, but I forgot.
Still, here’s what I’ve noticed.  Smitty gave me a link for this post in which I explain the relationship between football and babes (it’s not what you think).  He did not link to this post about when, where, and why to download porn.  However both posts got similar amounts of traffic from him, possibly due to the trackbacks (from the latter post) that appeared in the comments over there.  So let’s experiment.

I’m too late to get included this week, but I got some links up, we’ll see if anyone notices.  In the meantime, did you know that the 2010 NFL season had started?  Well it has.  And in honor of said season-starting, here’s a blog about NFL cheerleaders. Enjoy!

Also, remember these three?

Pictured: hat weather

I bet they’re Rodgers fans now.

UPDATE: Nope!  The trackback/linking thing was off base.  Time to revisit the hypothesis and try again.

Rule 5 experimentation continuing here.

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