DirecTV to NFL fans: you’re all dicks

Am I the only one who finds this current ad campaign a little creepy?  Imagine: you’re a partisan of a particular NFL team and you move to a part of the country where another team is the local favorite.  All your new neighbors (fans of said local favorite, of course) are nice to your face while badmouthing you, lying to you, and generally doing you the dirty behind your back.  That’s right, they’re all a bunch of two-faced assholes.  Or, shall we say, you are, according to DirecTV.

Example: Patriots fans with a new Miami-transplant neighbor (complete with apparent Alzheimers-suffering old lady):

And here’s the portly Green Bay resident, sporting a slight ya-hey-dere accent and a Niners newcomer:

The other commercials airing around here all involve NFC East teams, for some reason.  Cowboys fans dropped off in the wrong part of town by a New York cabbie.  Eagles fans getting their iced tea sabotaged in a diner.  A Redskins lover’s residence being vandalized by a dog.

Are there commercials for every team?  What’s airing where you live?

And does DirecTV really think it’s a winning business strategy to call their customers a bunch of dicks?

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