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Harvey, who posts at IMAO (yes, another IMAO post), does photo caption contests, sort of.  He encourages readers to use the lolcats tool to put words in pictures and then he makes a post out of them.  Which isn’t a bad idea really, getting your readers to do all the work like that.
Here’s the most recent such post (which are titled ‘lolbama’ or ‘lolterizt’ depending on who is being picked on that week).  Warning: they’re mostly not that funny.  Especially this time around.
But then, I never participated before.  If you scroll down through all the pictures in that post, you’ll see a ‘suggested’ picture for next time.  Fortunately I’ve lifted the picture so you don’t have to go see for yourself.  Here it is:

This one spoke to me.  Here’s what it said:

I didn’t use the lolcats tool, because the lolcats tool sucks.  I made do with MS paint.

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