Assimilation, Football, and Rule 5

Found, I think, at the Washington Post, but not there any more, football and faith:

Fordson is a majority-Muslim high school in Dearborn, MI, with a longstanding football tradition.  This year Ramadan begins in August, when teams are holding their two-a-day practices.  The options:

  • skip practice;
  • force the kids to work out in the hot, humid weather without eating or drinking water (they can’t even drink water? Ramadan sucks worse than I thought);
  • or hold practice at night.

So they got the agreement of the parents and local residents and started practice at 11 PM.

I have absolutely no problem with this.  In fact, I think it’s great.  American kids are playing football.  And they’re keeping it safe.  And anyway, when I was a teenager I routinely stayed up until 4 AM for no reason at all.  It wouldn’t have bothered me a bit.

It’s not an example of Americans rolling over to accommodate a minority religion or of that minority religion starting to impose on others or anything like that.  And here’s the real reason I say so: one of the Muslim kids quoted in the article, wide receiver Rami Fakih, is the younger brother of the current Miss USA, Rima Fakih.

And here she is:

Assimilation: sexy.

Rima will be representing the USA in the Miss Universe pageant on Monday, August 23rd.  If you’re the type to bet on totally random things like that, you can find the current book here (via Powerline).

[Belated link: you probably aren’t wondering what the ‘Rule 5’ reference in the title is about, but if you are the explanation is here. I also see that I was too late to get in on the rule 5 roundup, but my contribution is rather tame and anyway nobody actually knows I’m here.  Patience…]

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