In which I psychoanalyze the American left…

[Disclaimer: no person, organization, or entity affiliated with the Mister Pterodactyl Consortium is a trained psychologist, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, counselor, astrologist, life-coach, or psychic of any sort.  Do not go squealing to Dr. Helen on me.]

Allow me to propose two axioms:

1) It’s natural to expect others to sort-of think the same way you do.  To want the same things, not want the same things, regard matters in approximately the same way, and so forth.  Kinda difficult to develop a coherent moral code, otherwise.

2) There is a significant percentage of the population that really does believe it’s best for the government to handle things.  Not unlike that German guy who badmouthed Gates, some people believe smaller government/individual initiative/distributed decisionmaking/Army of Davids = bad, while bigger government/bureaucracy/collective decisionmaking = good.

Now here’s my theory:

Nancy Pelosi is one of those #2 people (insert joke about Pelosi being number two).  And because she is, and because she (per #1) thinks others will share her instincts, she can’t grasp the idea of grassroots action.  To wit (via Instapundit):
“Pelosi’s comments [on opposition to the Ground Zreo mosque] are appallingly reminiscent of her views during the heated town halls of the healthcare debate. The ones that gave birth to a movement fully formed, angry that its government  would force a liberal version of healthcare reform down its throat despite all national polls showing the public’s opposition.  This was not legitimate protest, Pelosi and the White House claimed at the time. It was, they asserted, a concerted effort to make this (healthcare) a political issue by some. Sound familiar? It wasn’t that the public could possibly have been upset with the healthcare bill; it had to be a case of evil genius Republican operators ‘ginning up’ false controversy.”

To Pelosi and her fellow travelers, who prefer collective, top-down action to the individual bottom-up sort, the idea that there is no controlling organization behind any opposition to their ideas is just inconceivable.  There has to be some shadowy Mr. Big behind the Tea Party, and the criticism of the mosque, and by the way those people who think the government spends too much money.  People just don’t do that sort of thing all on their own.

Just an idea.  Probably not an original one.

This may become a regular feature.

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