About that Ground Zero mosque…

I was only half serious (okay, 75% serious) in posting that Non Sequitur strip the other day.  Disclaimer: the author of Non Sequitur was not responsible for the GZ connection, I did that all by myself, okay?  I just don’t want him getting my fatwa, if you know what I mean.  I was channeling Gutberg, a little, I guess.  [Note to Greg: it’s still my fatwa.  Get your own.]

Short version: the mosque is a deliberate insult.  Putting it where they’re putting it, naming it after Cordoba (once the capitol city of a Caliphate on the Iberian peninsula – look it up), planning to open it on September 11th 2011 (have they backtracked on that? I’m not sure).  These may all be coincidences, but the smart money says otherwise.  Furthermore the head honcho of the project is a guy named Feisal Abdul Rauf, who has some less-than-savory connections and is on record many times advocating sharia law.  Even claiming that the U.S. Constitution is compatible with sharia – some pretty serious logical acrobatics went into that one.  Just ask Claudia Rosett (keep scrolling) and Alyssa Lappen.  Especially Lappen.
Can we stop them?  Of course not.  The Republic is a nation of laws and as long as they follow the law they can do whatever they please.  Should we stop them?  Of course not.  Same reason.
Should they follow through with their plans?  Well, they would answer that question differently than I would.  But this is America; we all have the right to insult one another.  The prophet Mohammed went to Disneyland once but his wife was too short to get on the really good rides.  See?

So here’s my message to Rauf and his little butt-buddies lice ridden sand eaters whatever: go ahead and build your mosque.  Insult us.  I know you’re seeing the whole thing through a ‘strong horse/weak horse’ lens.  I know you think you’re sticking your thumb in our collective eye.  You’re wrong though, and if you really go through with this you’re just setting yourself up for trouble down the road.  A lot of it.

Maybe I’m wrong about you.  Maybe you really will be ‘interfaith’ and ‘uniting’ and ‘steering the world back to the course of mutual recognition and respect and away from heightened tensions.’ I hope so.  But I doubt it.  So, a priest, a rabbi, and an imam walk into a bar…

UPDATE: heard today on Dennis Miller’s radio show: “I’m going to NYC to open a sandwich shop right next to the mosque.  I’m calling it the Infi-Deli.”

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